Eclipse Week

What a week!! I have no photos of the eclipse, but my neighbor got a magazine cover shot of the “Diamond ring”. During totality, I was twirling around amazed at the 360 degree sunset from the promontory where we set up.

I thought I would share some other photos from the week instead. no particular order.

i dry

Innonotus dryadeus. This red oak is over 4 feet in diameter. There are a total of 6 fruiting bodies and the one on your right (the shelf form) is 20 inches wide. If they last until Friday, at least one will be at Fungi Fest.



IMG_1601If you’ve been following my blog, then you know I like to record turtles eating mushrooms.




IMG_1515The upside down one is the male. That’s how they create more.




Mycena caerulae 2A little blue  Mycena subcaeruleaMycena caerulae 1





IMG_1512Hunting trumpets. The reason my hands are all scratched up in the preceding picture. Got a bunch however.




Chihuly in Atlanta

The mushroom dinner was cancelled. Maybe another time. Also, it seems like our entire region is in the worst drought in years. So, why not head to Atlanta and see the Dale Chihuly installation at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This was the final weekend. Here are few of the 20 different blown glass works he installed. My little iPhone doesn’t do them justice.


img_1042There are a number of YouTube videos including the installation and night scenes. Google “Chihuly in the Garden Atlanta”. Here is one direct link.








Celebrity Dancers

Dance1(UPDATE: We raised over $3,000 – THANKS!)On August 13th, Ellen and I (click thumbnail for full view of Whitey :-))will be celebrity dancers at the Free Medical Clinic of Oak Ridge Beach Bash, their annual fund raiser. It’s a contest (6 couples) and the winners are whoever raises the most money. The hat will be passed, but most of the money is being raised before the event. Actually we won’t be the winner, the clinic’s patients will be the winners. Last year there were 1,156 unique clients over 5,359 visits. 86% of the income levels were below the Federal Poverty Line .YOU can HELP us !! Spread the word on whatever Social Media you use !!!

Donate any amount to the clinic and be sure to click our name at this link

Our song is Stories We Could Tell by The Mavericks. See it on You Tube.

Free Medical Clinic of Oak Ridge is on Facebook:

UPDATE July 28, 2016:  We have a goal of $2,000. Last year’s winning couple raised $1,600, and we want to raise the bar for next year’s contestants. We are currently at $820. Keep the $$$ coming, we have two more weeks !!! The more competitive the couples, the more the poor, uninsured in this area benefit.

The Clinic’s Facebooks had 10,000 views and 25 shares last week. Keep the social media going !!!!!!!!!!!  You can link to this page. Thanks, Whitey