Chihuly in Atlanta

The mushroom dinner was cancelled. Maybe another time. Also, it seems like our entire region is in the worst drought in years. So, why not head to Atlanta and see the Dale Chihuly installation at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This was the final weekend. Here are few of the 20 different blown glass works he installed. My little iPhone doesn’t do them justice.


img_1042There are a number of YouTube videos including the installation and night scenes. Google “Chihuly in the Garden Atlanta”. Here is one direct link.








July was Wet

According to the US Weather Service, July has the highest average monthly rainfall at the Knoxville Airport. It HAS been wet ,and we’re finally above normal for the year. The result has been mushrooms out the whazoo!

bicolotI’ve guided several private forays, and the clients found plenty of edibles as well as a great variety of other species. I went to one spot where I usually find a dozen or so Boletus bicolor, and there were hundreds there. The picture shows the limited number we picked due to National Park rules on limited harvest. They were delicious dipped in egg wash, then a crushed pecan/flour coating and fried in clarified butter.

Speaking of eating, I marinated some more Lactarius corrugis (earlier post) using that ratio of 1 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup mild (rice) vinegar. I took it to a pot luck, and it was well received. It’s a good way to go.

IMG_6353In the “things along the way” category, I collect box turtle shells in varying condition during my bushwhacking. I also see at least one live turtle every time out it seems. This week, Ellen and I saw something quite different. Two turtles were hung up.  A male (red eyes) had its rear foot captured by the closed carapace of another turtle, sex indeterminate.

Turtle #2 was on its back and mucus was oozing out IMG_6354around turle #1’s foot. Using a knife as a pry tool we sucesfully separated the two and #1 eventually began to crawl off. #2 was most likely dead, Having observed box turtles mating, my best guess is this was a case of disengagement gone awry. Can anybody out there offer a better scenario?


IMG_6253I’ve been wanting a good chanterelle picture, and fortunately Ellen was with me yesterday. I think this one is typical of what we’re been finding around here.

Found a small rotted lobster mushroom Monday in a patch I go to. I think it’s drying out enough in the pine woods that they may be coming up any day. I’ll be checking every 2-3 days.


Looking forward to the Asheville Mushroom Club Christmas potluck Saturday. It’s always great friends and great food.

Meanwhile, Jimmy sent me this e-mail. Watching the video of his song might be a good start to thinking about morels.

Hello Whitey, I hope you remember us. My wife Lois and dog Griffin went with you on the camp walk at Oconee in 2013. I’ve been enjoying your blog posts and envying your hen and chicken finds. We made a music video in Oct. and I finally got it up on Youtube about morelanoia. Please check it out at:

If you like it please feel free to share it with the Asheville club and whoever. I plan on making another this morel season on the lighter side. There is also another video on my channel called Funga Among Ya recorded in a patch of Chantys in 2013.

Hope you enjoy the holidays and happy hunting!