Morels 2017






400Last year’s drought began in mid-July and lasted until Jan, and there has been little mushroom news. January was wet and March warmed up early, ramps came up and, fortunately, we never had the typical “late freeze”. As a result, or maybe as a reward for patience, the black morels started popping around April 1st. Yellows came later and lasted shorter as the daytime highs went to 80 degrees 5 days straight with no rain. Rain has returned this week (Apr 18) so maybe  there are still some to be had. Here are a  few pictures from April.






Honeys or Honies ??

honey-stumpSept 22, 2016 – doesn’t matter how you write it, it’s spelled “good eats”. After a good rain on Sunday, about 1 1/2″ or better, I took some folks out on a foray and we ended up where honey mushrooms seemed to be at or near every dead hardwood.The stump that is pictured yielded 35 pounds, including stems, and trimmed out to 14 pounds of caps – all bug free !! I found two small bunches near my house Wednesday, so start looking for them.

chicks_plateauSeems as if Chicken of the Woods are fruiting around here also.chick2 chick1

Cauliflower and Lobsters

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It hasn’t rained appreciably in two weeks until yesterday afternoon and through the night – 2 1/2 inches, but I still found a few choice mushrooms. Hopefully more good stuff will come up this week.


These Sparassis herbstii were all around one pine. They are the cleanest and prettiest I have ever found. 2 1/2 pounds total




These lobsters were in one small group in my “monster patch”, so called by the over 100 pounds we found 5 years ago in a 2-acre old growth white pine plantation. The trees are dying, however, and the yields have been only 5-6 lbs.a year since then. Maybe this year will be another bumper crop. Hope !!!


This Berkeley polypore, 6 1/2 lbs, was at the base of the same tree we found one of equal size two weeks before.



IMG_0736I have been following these Berkeley polypores for almost three weeks. In a future post, I will paste all the pictures I took from when I first saw a pencil eraser-sized stub until today.

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