Mo Hens

mo hensAt noon on day two 23 pounds – this is half. The turtle shell is my scale daddy. Always looking for red oaks. Found five new trees. I recommend learning your red oaks from your white oaks. Finally, my Forestry degrees paid off gastronomically !! They certainly didn’t at the bank (big chuckle here). Will be 71 day after tomorrow, and as Willie Nelson sings, “I woke up still not dead again today”. Can’t beat that.

Morels 2017






400Last year’s drought began in mid-July and lasted until Jan, and there has been little mushroom news. January was wet and March warmed up early, ramps came up and, fortunately, we never had the typical “late freeze”. As a result, or maybe as a reward for patience, the black morels started popping around April 1st. Yellows came later and lasted shorter as the daytime highs went to 80 degrees 5 days straight with no rain. Rain has returned this week (Apr 18) so maybe  there are still some to be had. Here are a  few pictures from April.