Day 4

Day 4 of the great chicken watch was harvest day. Tender and wonderful. It was only 1 1/2 pounds, BUT when to harvest is a choice between quantity and quality. Of course, find one in the back woods and it’s “No chick left behind!!”

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As a side bar, I led a group down the Imbrey and Hickory trails at Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville on Sunday. The trails are heavy on invasive plants, but there were LOTS of box elder trees and they all seemed to have their ears on – wood ears that is, Auricularia auricula, not Mouseketeers for you older readers :-) .Several people got bags full !!!


How Fast Do Chickens Grow??

My last post was June 3 and today is the 24th, and it’s been an interesting few weeks. Our area has been almost devoid of rain EXCEPT five different rain events over a small area I like. The upshot is maybe 20 lbs of chanterelles, and now many other species are popping. My other patches are like concrete. But now, how fast does a Chicken of the Woods grow????

smalllargerThe first picture is probably the morning this L. cincinnatus emerged, because I had walked right by the tree the day before, looking sharply for chanterelles that grow nearby. The second picture is exactly 48 hours later. It weighed 2 1/2 pounds. Also, it was so fresh Bonni_Jennthat on the part I viewed under my stereomicroscope I could see where the pores would be but they weren’t developed yet. The third picture is Bonnie and Jenn who did the harvesting, along with chanterelles and other good stuff, on a foray with me. We all ate a small sample (fried strips with garlic salt) and it was the definition of tender and delicious.

RaspberriesLastly, after our foray, Ellen took me to check a wild raspberry patch. This morning, two days later, here is what we had for breakfast. ‘Shrooming teaches patience. Good Eats!!