Mo Hens

mo hensAt noon on day two 23 pounds – this is half. The turtle shell is my scale daddy. Always looking for red oaks. Found five new trees. I recommend learning your red oaks from your white oaks. Finally, my Forestry degrees paid off gastronomically !! They certainly didn’t at the bank (big chuckle here). Will be 71 day after tomorrow, and as Willie Nelson sings, “I woke up still not dead again today”. Can’t beat that.

Birthday Morels

IMG_1235Derek’s been working hard, and for the past few years he has been a creative director for Knoxville’s Rhythm & Blooms music festival. So, he’s pretty much tied up during the first two weeks of April. I have missed ‘shrooming with him, but the way things turned out this year I was able to take him to a spot I knew about to hunt yellow morels on his birthday.

It rained heavy all morning, which was just a prelude to the IMG_1233deluge that occurred that night and the next day. It was bad enough that Derek helped wet vac the basement after dinner. The next day it reflooded, and I wet vacuumed around 500 gallons out of Ellen’s sewing room. We had around 6+ inches of rain over the weekend. Derek’s shop/studio in Knoxville flooded also. Was there any good news? The pictures tell the story. Check Derek’s bag sag . .

We ate the small, weak and lame mushrooms on a ribeye IMG_1236steak, mixed in with peppers and fresh ramps. Ellen and I kept a dozen to fry tonight, and Derek took the rest home. We had 170 all together, in all sizes and conditions. Even with the flooding, Derek and I agreed the experience remained a great , and certainly memorable, birthday. A great father & son foray !!!!!

Wildflower Garden 2014

Easter 2014 (Apr 20)

Took a stroll in my wildflower garden this morning and took some pictures with my iPad. The garden was originally a dry oak woods behind our house. It’s been a work in progress for a dozen years, and portions of it are reaching maturity. I thought I would share some photos from today, as well as some from a couple of weeks ago (trout lilly and bloodroot). There are a few more species still to bloom, but I’ll tack them on the end of this post as an “update”.

Jacob's ladder


Jacob’s Ladder

(on the grave of Freeway the Cat R.I.P.



Celandine poppyWild geranium



Foam flowerCelandine poppy and Trillium luteum




Wild geranium






Wild gingerFoam flower






Wild ginger








Meadow Rue



Meadow Rue


Nodding mandarine




Nodding Mandarin





Phlox and rue anemone



Pink Columbine






Red columbine



Another columbine




Solomons Seal



Solomon’s Seal


Trillium erectum



Trillium erectum



Trillium gradiflorum



Trillium grandiflorum


Trout Lilly



Trout lilly



Virginia bluebells



Virginia bluebells


Shooting star