Mother Hen

Well, I have said before that mushrooming teaches me patience, hope and humility. So, last night as I was remarking to Ellen what a great birthday I’ve had with nearly 35 pounds of Hens over 10 trees, “ping” goes the phone and there is a message/picture from Charles. He harvested, from one tree, a cluster of Hens that after cleaning weighed 36 pounds !! Humility strikes again. My question is, “How does one haul that out of the woods? A 4-wheeler”. Use the “comments” function Dude and let us know.

IMG_1697I did want to post a couple of more pictures FYI. Yes, Hen of the Woods will grow on white oak as well as red. Here’s some proof.

Secondly, here is a shot of the type of woods I hunt. Clear sight lines. Pick out the Hen in the shot.IMG_1692